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is the world’s first enterprise NFT marketplace for carbon credits.

What is OpenCarbon?

Formed by a world-class team of technologists and climate leaders, the OpenCarbon platform delivers forward ready, SEC-compliant, carbon offset financial products to efficiently source, construct, manage and retire large-scale and complex carbon asset portfolios.

Our Mission

Addressing the climate crisis requires the rapid scaling of global carbon markets from an annual $1 billion to $1 trillion in asset transactions. OpenCarbon’s mission is leveraging appropriate technologies, including enterprise NFTs, towards transparent, efficient and scalable market solutions to mitigate and eventually reverse climate change.

OpenCarbon’s initial product set delivers enterprise-grade financial products and a carbon portfolio marketplace to rapidly scale global carbon markets, delivering capital to carbon offsets and carbon sinks at the scale required to address the climate crisis.

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How does it work?

The OpenCarbon technology platform and marketplace enhances individual carbon credit assets with additional value via the blending of AI, open-source intelligence streams, and segmentation of unlimited data fields for each carbon credit, and thereafter the sourcing, construction, management and offsetting of large scale and complex portfolios.

To do so, individual carbon credits are transitioned into transparent and immutable enterprise grade NFTs on our platform. Asset enhancing and empowering Oracles deliver real-time and on-going additional data streams and intelligence, enhancing asset transparency, reliability and value.

This platform is unique

in its ability to differentiate hundreds of data points that define various grades of carbon offsets, as well as provenance, trackability and immutability.

OpenCarbon empowers large scale and complex portfolios to be efficiently constructed and managed to fit any climate reporting and disclosure strategies, including by asset type, geography, co-benefits, scale, technology or bespoke outcomes.

Join us in creating a transparent, efficient and scalable carbon market.

Our Leadership

Michael Terpin

Chairman and CEO
Michael Terpin is a serial entrepreneur with multiple exits, global family office investor, leading advisor, and thought leader in cryptocurrency markets and blockchain technology since 2013. He is the Founder of BitAngels, Transform Group, and Transform Ventures.

David Jensen

Vice Chairman
David Jensen is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and innovator. Currently, he is an advisor/investor to several blockchains and early-stage crypto companies. David’s book Influence, Impact and Creating Good in a Blockchain World is forthcoming.

John K Balbach

Chief Operating Officer
John Balbach has 3 decades as a pioneering climate solutions strategist, fund manager, operating executive and policy-maker. He’s served in the US Senate, crafted parts of the 1st Cap and Trade market, formed 3 investment funds, facilitated $1.8 bn in early and growth stage equity financing, and originated/structured $2 bn in decarbonization projects.
A co-founder of the State of the World Forum, John has also served as an advisor to heads of state, governments, and institutional investors including CalSTRS (c. $318 bn AUM) and the Foresight Group (c. £7.2 bn AUM).

Join us in creating a transparent, efficient and scalable carbon market. 

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